Christine Braban

I am Atmospheric Composition Change Group leader in the Atmopsheric Chemistry and Effects Science Area (pre November 2017: Biosphere-Atmospheric Interactions) led by Dr Stefan Reis. My research interests cover rural and urban air quality with a focus on ammonia and reactive nitrogen species, led scientifically by Prof Mark Sutton. I work with long term observations and experiments, and with low and high tech instrumentation. I am interested in measurements, modelling and process studies to quantify processes and impacts of the current atmospheric chemical climate.

I help develop the atmospheric science measurement strategy at Auchencorth Moss (WMO-GAW Regional station, ICOS Ecosystem station UK EMEP Supersite and atmospheric observatory platform). I am involved in the UNECE Task Force for Measurement and Modelling and the CEN WG11 on developing a European standard for ambient ammonia passive samplers.
UKCEH - Atmospheric Chemistry & Effects
Member (Staff)