Our ambitions

We are a world-leading Centre of Excellence in Environmental Data Science, with a vision to grow a collaborative, trans-disciplinary community of environmental and data scientists. Our ambitions are:

  1. To seek novel data science techniques, or combinations thereof, to address the grand challenges in environmental science.
  2. To understand and capture the complexity in the natural environment through systems thinking.
  3. To support quantification and reasoning around end-to-end uncertainty.
  4. To seek adaptive strategies for sampling and modelling across different types of geospatial data.
  5. To achieve principled integration of different kinds of models, including process based and data-driven models.
  6. To incorporate techniques for reasoning across space and time, that are capable of operating across a range of spatial and temporal scales.
  7. To enhance the level of abstraction offered by underlying technological platforms.
  8. To foster new modes of working that facilitate trans-disciplinary collaboration.
  9. To enable a cultural shift towards open, transparent and collaborative science.