Christopher Nemeth

Chris Nemeth is a Lecturer in Statistical Learning in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Lancaster University. His research is in the areas of computational statistics and machine learning, specifically probabilistic modelling, Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms and Gaussian processes. He currently holds an EPSRC fellowship which is focused on addressing the problem of efficient and scalable Bayesian learning with massive datasets. Environmental application areas of his research include air quality modelling, ice sheet melt detection from satellite images and statistical emulation of process models.
LU - School of Mathematics and Statistics
Member (Staff)

Associated projects

DSNE: Data Science of the Natural Environment

In DSNE, we will develop a data science of the natural environment, deploying modern machine learning and statistical techniques to enable better informed decision-making as our climate changes.

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Explainable AI for UK Agricultural Land Use Decision-making

Agricultural land use dynamics and their associated driving factors represent highly complex systems of flows that are subject to non-linearities, sensitivities, and uncertainties across spatial an

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