Eftathios Reppas Chrysovitsinos

I am an environmental engineer with a PhD in Applied Environmental Science. At the moment, I am working as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Lancaster Environment Centre and within the EISPAC project on the impact of multiple stressors on the Arctic marine ecosystem.

My main area of expertise is environmental mathematical modelling. I have been working on different aspects of contaminant fate & transport and exposure assessment, with a primary focus on in silico screening methods and data mining techniques for chemical databases.

My long-term research aspiration is to enhance our capacity to identify chemicals that are potential planetary boundary threats which is a prerequisite to confront our ignorance about planetary boundaries. More specifically I’m very interested in developing in silico tools to explore the chemical space for potential planetary boundary threats. This is a very interesting problem that brings together questions from various different scientific disciplines such as environmental science, earth systems science, life sciences, thermodynamics and mass transfer phenomena, computational engineering, and epistemology.
LU - Lancaster Environment Centre
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