Gordon Blair

Gordon is a Distinguished Professor of Distributed Systems in the School of Computing and Communications, Lancaster University, and is Co-Director of CEEDS. He holds a prestigious EPSRC 5-year Senior Fellowship in Digital Technology and Living with Environmental Change, looking at how computer science can support environmental scientists in understanding the complexities of the natural environment, including new sources of data, new ways of storing and processing data, and new methods of making sense of such data. He also has a strong interest in the design and implementation of virtual labs in the cloud, offering collaborative environments for data-driven environmental science.
LU - School of Computing and Communications

Associated projects

CROP-NET: Monitoring and predicting the effects of climate change on crop yields

Climate change poses one of the greatest risks to future food production both in the UK and globally.

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Methodologically Enhanced Virtual Labs for Early Warning of Significant or Catastrophic Change in Ecosystems: Changepoints for a Changing Planet

Virtual labs are emerging as a key component in the construction of future digital environments.

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EPSRC Senior Fellowship in the Role of Digital Technology in Understanding, Mitigating and Adapting to Environmental Change (Ensemble)

Digital technologies have a crucial role to play in helping scientists and other key stakeholders to more deeply understand the natural environment and its complex web of interconnected ecosystems.

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