Paula Harrison

Paula is a Co-Director of CEEDS, Professor of Land and Water Modelling and Principal Natural Capital Scientist at the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology in Lancaster. Her research focuses on the design and implementation of integrated models that link together multiple land and water-related sectoral models to assess interdependencies, synergies and trade-offs. She uses different types of simulation models (e.g. process-based models, agent-based models, statistical models and emulators) to investigate the impacts of climate and socio-economic change and explore the sustainable management of complex socio-ecological systems. Her interests include investigating uncertainties associated with scenario and model development and application, including attribution and propagation of uncertainty in integrated modelling.
UKCEH - Soils & Land Use

Associated projects

DSNE: Data Science of the Natural Environment

In DSNE, we will develop a data science of the natural environment, deploying modern machine learning and statistical techniques to enable better informed decision-making as our climate changes.

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Explainable AI for UK Agricultural Land Use Decision-making

Agricultural land use dynamics and their associated driving factors represent highly complex systems of flows that are subject to non-linearities, sensitivities, and uncertainties across spatial an

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