Pete Henrys

Peter Henrys is a chartered statistician at the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology specialising in long term large scale spatial-temporal modelling, mapping and upscaling. He has experience of analysing complex large scale data sets and integrating across different scales and structures. He has led projects investigating methodological aspects of environmental monitoring and acted as the statistical lead on a large number of inter-disciplinary projects leading both design and analyses. Peter sits on committees for the Royal Statistical Society, the Natural Environment Advisory Group for the National Trust and is an associate of the National Centre for Statistical Ecology.
UKCEH - Soils & Land Use
Theme Leader

Associated projects

Methodologically Enhanced Virtual Labs for Early Warning of Significant or Catastrophic Change in Ecosystems: Changepoints for a Changing Planet

Virtual labs are emerging as a key component in the construction of future digital environments.

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DSNE: Data Science of the Natural Environment

In DSNE, we will develop a data science of the natural environment, deploying modern machine learning and statistical techniques to enable better informed decision-making as our climate changes.

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