Rob Dunford-Brown

Rob Dunford is a Geographer with over 15 years experience working as an interdisciplinary research scientist. He specialises in approaches that integrate understanding across a range of environmental sectors and disciplines both in the natural and social sciences. His research has a broad focus on the research question: "How can we best manage the environment in a way that best considers the inter-dependencies between its different components?"". More specifically his research focuses on concepts such as natural capital and ecosystem services and on the application of mixed-method and integrated approaches that facilitate the development of better environmental understanding in science, policy and practice.

His research interests are:
> Integrated modelling: Working to develop integrated modelling systems that allow interactions between different environmental sectors to be taken into consideration (with a particular focus on impacts of climate change on biodiversity and ecosystem services).
> Futures analysis: Exploring the influences of combined environmental and socio-economics drivers on different sectors and understanding the synergies and trade-offs between sectors in these different futures and the vulnerability of different sections of society to these changes.
> Natural Capital and Ecosystem services - as a concept in practice: Exploring the utility of the ecosystem services concept both as a mechanism for to understand impacts of future change on human well being and exploring its opportunities as a practical tools for land management practitioners.
>Environmental management: Understanding the social, political and environmental factors that enable and constrain the way the environment is managed in practice.
UKCEH - Biodiversity
Theme Leader