Ryan Hossaini

Ryan is a NERC Independent Research Fellow and atmospheric chemist in LEC. He has over a decade of experience developing and applying process-based models to understand changes in the chemical composition of Earth’s atmosphere. He has worked extensively on stratospheric ozone layer depletion, climate, and air quality, and his work utilises a large range of atmospheric observations from satellite, aircraft and surface platforms. His group are currently exploring (a) advanced statistical methods to improve the skill of air quality forecasts, (b) machine learning methods to help interpret ‘big’ climate data, and (c) extreme value theory to characterise UK air quality.
LU - Lancaster Environment Centre
Theme Leader

Associated projects

Why is lower stratospheric ozone not recovering?

Depletion of the stratospheric ozone layer remains a persistent environmental issue.

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Improving UK Air Quality Forecasts During Heatwaves

Similar to how weather forecasts inform us about upcoming weather conditions, air quality forecasts are now used to alert the public to upcoming air pollution episodes.

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