CEEDS Seminar: Data Challenges in Green Finance Wednesday 26th October, 2:00 - 3:30pm

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CEEDS Seminar: Data Challenges in Green Finance

Wednesday 26th October, 2-3:30pm 


This CEEDS Seminar will be led by Alex Bush (LU) and will discuss data challenges in the area of green finance. Despite the evidence for the importance of biodiversity in supporting economic value, and the role for nature-based solutions to mitigate climate change, market transactions mostly ignore nature and thereby incentivise unsustainable practices. Correcting “market failure” by putting policies in place which reward companies or landowners for improvements in environmental performance is thus vitally important. However, assigning a financial value to a species, let alone biodiversity, is not only challenging, for many it is antithetical to the value they place on nature. Nevertheless, biodiversity value is gaining increasing prominence on both the national and international policy stage. In this seminar we provide a range of perspectives on how biodiversity is valued, and the implications this has for data needs.



The seminar will follow our usual format of 4 x 10 min talks with plenty of time left for discussion. 


  • Lisa Norton (UKCEH): What is Biodiversity Net Gain, and what challenges has it presented for the UK ecological community?
  • Emma Gardner (UKCEH): Mobile species and Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG): why anthropo-convenient definitions of habitat could jeopardise BNG ambitions and what we might do to avoid this
  • Alex Bush (Lancaster University): Systematic Nature Positive Markets
  • Jan Bebbington (Lancaster University): How business is making sense of biodiversity: preliminary outline

This seminar is open to all staff from UKCEH and Lancaster University. To join, please click on the Zoom link: 

Password: 030627

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