CEEDS Seminar - Data Science Pipelines

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Wednesday 19th June, 14:00-15:30


We are pleased to announce an upcoming CEEDS seminar, hosted by Michael Tso and Mike Hollaway (UKCEH), that will focus on the topic of building data science pipelines. This seminar builds on the theme of the CEEDS Data Science in the Natural Environment (DSNE) Spring School held in February. Data science pipelines are crucial for the building  and reproducibility of data science analysis. They link various aspects of the 'data science toolkit' together, from setting objectives to data collection and wrangling, through modelling tools and software, to communicating results and products to end-user outputs. They allow end-to-end reasoning and tracking of uncertainties. There are many formal and informal ways of constructing data science pipelines, and one could argue any environmental analysis uses something similar. In this seminar, we will highlight some data science workflow tools, approaches and applications with four great speakers, who will each bring a different perspective from their field of expertise.


As usual, the format will be 4 x 10 minute talks, with plenty of time after each talk and at the end for discussion.

  • Pete Levy and Simon Rolph (UKCEH): Targets: a data pipeline tool for R
  • Alba Gomez Segura (UKCEH): Simple pipeline for image processing using Luigi
  • Jian Wang (LEC):  A processing pipeline for unsupervised change detection using multimodal remote sensing imagery
  • Domonic Hardy (LEC): Processing pipelines for satellite data over ice sheets

This seminar is open to all staff from UKCEH and Lancaster University. To join please click on the Zoom link: 


Password: 897968


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