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AI in Environmental Science

AI in Environmental Science Webinar Series

The Constructing a Digital Environment programme runs an active webinar activity. Held every three weeks, these aim to develop the digitally enabled environment to benefit scientists, policymakers, businesses, communities and individuals. We arrange our webinars in ‘series’, drawing together presentations following similar themes. Videos of all our previous webinars run are listed here and are also available on our  YouTube Channel. Our current webinar series covers the use of AI in Environmental Science. The previous webinar series covers in turn each of the CDE Demonstrator Projects.

Webinar Series Listing

  1. Friday 31st March 2023 – AI in Environmental Sciences from research developments to underlying infrastructure and policy implementation – Professor David Topping, University of Manchester
  2. Friday 21st April 2023 – Are plankton nets a thing of the past? How we can use AI for real-time high-resolution plankton monitoring? – Dr Sari Giering and Dr Robert Blackwell, National Oceanography Centre; The Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science
  3.  Friday 12th May 2023 – GraphCast: Learning skillful medium-range global weather forecasting – Dr Peter Battaglia, DeepMind
  4. Friday 2nd June 2023 – AI for on the ground biodiversity monitoring – Dr Tom August, UKCEH
  5. Friday 23rd June 2023 – Data Learning: Integrating Data Assimilation and Machine Learning for reliable AI models – Dr Rossella Arcucci, Imperial College London
  6. Friday 14th July 2023 – AI for Biological Imaging and Sensing – Professor Iain Styles, University of Birmingham
  7. Friday 4th August 2023 – Data fusion of satellite and in situ surface sensors to track environmental changes (tbc) – Mr Tom Andersson, British Antarctic Survey

The next talk on 2nd June 2023 is given by our own CEEDS researcher Dr Tom August. For more details, please see the link for sign up