CEEDS Seminar - Data Integration for Environmental Science

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Data Integration for Environmental Science


Tuesday 27th February, 14:00-15:30 GMT


This CEEDS seminar will focus on the topic of data integration in environmental science. In a Big Data World, environmental data are being generated in unprecedented quantities and this has created a very heterogeneous and complex data landscape. Novel technologies such as sensors are providing environmental information alongside more traditional data collection methodologies, such as scientific surveys and citizen science. Data integration has been proposed as a way to make the most of the available data and answer complex environmental questions. This approach enables multiple datasets with different properties to be used together for improved inference about our environment. The recent expansion of these methods has led to a variety of statistical and data science approaches for integration. In this seminar we will explore some of these approaches with four great speakers, who will each bring a different perspective from their field of expertise.

As usual, the format will be 4 x 15 minute talks, with plenty of time after each talk and at the end for discussion.


The seminar will be chaired by Susan Jarvis and Francesca Mancini and the speakers will be:


  • Elise Zipkin, Associate Professor at Michigan State University: “Data integration to estimate the status, trends, and dynamics of populations and communities”
  • Doran Khamis, Data Scientist at the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology: “Spatiotemporal integration for points, grids and graphs”
  • Kwaku Peprah Adjei, Researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Nature Research: “Integrating data from different taxonomic resolutions to better estimate alpha diversity”
  • Thiago Couto, Research Associate at LEC, Lancaster University: “Combining acoustic telemetry and other types of data to generate marine biodiversity indicators”


This seminar is open to all staff and students from UKCEH and Lancaster University. To join please click on the Zoom link:


Password: 301801


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